Sunday, April 20, 2008

Porsche Cayman -Turbo spotted at the Nurburgring.

The people from have spotted this special Porsche Cayman doing laps of the 'ring,
although it doesnt look too out of the ordinary in the photo's, the photographer claims it had the sound of a Turbo.
It's registered on Ludwigsburg license plates, so it's more than likely an official Porsche A.G. car, but porsche have always stipulated that the Cayman will remain between, and was intended to - fill the gap between the Boxster and the 911. Porsche had held back, and restricted the real potential of the Cayman when it was in pre-production stages so that it would keep its place on the ladder - strictly between the Boxster and the 911.

So surely they couldnt go against their word and actually produce the Turbo Cayman... I hope they lied.
The reason why i hope the people in suits at Porsche are a bunch of liars, is because, the Cayman is lighter than the 911, the Cayman is cheaper than the 911, the engine is in a better position, the handling is better, and with a Turbo engine - the Cayman would be faster than the 911.


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