Saturday, April 19, 2008

Audi Q5 - soon to be released

The latest small S.U.V. to enter the market is from Audi's new "Q" range, - the Q5.
Baby brother to Audi's Q9, the Audi Q5 will compete head on with the BMW X3 for sales in the small luxury S.U.V. market.
Although the Q5 can be tagged an "s.u.v" the chassis is based upon the volkswagen/audi MLP platform, used in the Volkswagen Passat, and new Audi A4 models. This allows the Q5 range to offer the same engines as Audi's A4, but the Q5 will be released with just 1 petrol engine, and 2 diesel engines to chose from - which are mounted longitudinally [front to back], which disperses rumors that the small design would feature a transversally mounted engine, such as in the Audi A4 range/VW Golf. Power is transmitted to the wheels via an all new 7-speed, dual clutch DSG which has been so successful in previous incarnations in the Audi A4, A3, Volkswagen Golf and Passat ranges.
Features include; Bi-xenon lamps, and LED taillights, and LED daytime running lights as seen on the R8 and the all-new A4.
Exterior trim can be selected from standard black trim, to a contrasting colour or a colour coded matching trim. Even further available is the choice of an "S-line" body package, including exterior and interior panels, as well as wheels - or an off road package is available with underbody protection plates front and back. wheels can be optioned from the standard 17 inch forged wheels, to 20 inch rims from the factory.

The sole petrol engine produced in the Q5 is the 2.0-liter TFSi, which has been offered of late in the Audi A3 and A4 range for the Q5 it has been re-worked to produce a maximum of 211 hp [155 kW] and 258 lb-ft [350 Nm] of torque available from 1500 to 4200 rpm, and will take the small luxury offroader from 0 to 62 mph [100 km/h] in just 7.2 seconds on its way to a top speed of 137.94 mph [222 km/h]. Fuel consumption is just 8.5 liters per 100 km [27.67 mpg] - which is diesel like economy, from a turbo-petrol engine.
The Turbo Diesel variants begin with the 2.0 liter, 170 hp [125kw] and 258 lb-ft [350 Nm], which is naturally slower than the petrol 2.0 TFSi, but delivers better economy at 6.7 liters/100kms [35.11 mpg]
The flagship engine available is the 3.0 liter TDi V6 producing 240 hp (176 kW) and a massive amount of torque for a 3.0 liter at 500 Nm [368.78 lb-ft] available at just 1,500 rpm. This turbo diesel will take the new Audi Q5 from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds, onto a top speed of 225 kph [139.81 mph] and will also deliver fuel economy of just 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers [30.55 mpg]


Friday, April 18, 2008

BMW X6 - The car that makes you question.

Who told BMW that this car was needed? How could BMW put this thing in production in the face of an oil crisis, not to mention, they already have 2 separate models of S.U.V's - the tiny X3, the s.u.v. for people who actually wanted a hatchback, and the X5, the tried and true big-seller for BMW for years. The X3 and the X5 are excellent cars, "sheer driving pleasure" as BMW refers to the feeling, is what can be experienced by driving one of these machines of technologic triumph.

But why did BMW feel the need to tool up to make the new X6,
i cannot see any stereotype of person who could possibly say "the X6 is exactly what ive been looking for" and if there is someone who could say that, - they've already bought an X5 when the new model was released last year.
Maybe it was in retaliation to mercedes making a "coupe like" CLS a 4 door coupe, and BMW thought it was a good idea to cross the "coupe like" design with the X5.
maybe the designer just got halfway through designing the new 5 series, fell asleep and when he woke up, he designed the bottom half of the next X5 - just on the same sheet of paper.

The new X6 series is produced in BMW's spartanburg, South Carolina manufacturing facility - alongside the X5, and the Z4. The "Sports Activity Vehicle" [S.A.V.] as BMW likes to call their S.U.V's, comes with a range of 6 cylinder diesel, and petrol engines, with turbo charged power. But surely the kind of people buying the X6 would opt for the 4.8 with 408bhp, 600nm of torque and will take the latest addition to the BMW line up from 0-60mph [97kph] in 5.4 seconds. Theres no question that the car/suv/"sav" [bmw speak for s.u.v] will drive like nothing else, it will go, stop and turn like a seven series - thats just how BMW builds their cars, the question is - why - why build it in this form?


VW Beetle leaves Mustang GT for dead at the strip

I dont usually source from YouTube,
But this was too good to pass up,
i can imagine the driver of the Mustang thinking it was a joke being up against an old VW beetle,
...untill he saw the thing warming up, getting the rubber all smoked up.
The best part is at 20secs in, look at the little Bug take off-

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nissan GT-R 500, JGTC / SuperGT championship car

Nissans new GT-R has been extensively modified for the purpose of contending in the Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship or Super GT, in 2008. The result of these modifications by Nismo and Nissan team racing is the Nissan GT-R 500. The GT-R race car, in its new livery was unveiled for the first time at the Tokyo Auto Salon car show, after extensive track work with the matte black version of the race car at Suzuka circuit.

The new Nissan GT-R road car which has only recently been released, has been transformed into what is rightly being labeled the ‘New Godzilla’. The GT-R will compete in one of the toughest competitions around the globe today, the JGTC/Super GT championships - the Japanese equivalent of the DTM series in Europe.

The New colors of the GT-R were selected by Nismo and team Nissan, as well as feedback from the Nismo fan club, around the globe. The Livery scheme is not unlike the current Fairlady Z, based on the 350Z. The contrasting red and black colors represent the passion and fury of racing in the red, and the speed and power of the car with the black.

Whilst the statistics aren’t being released because of competitive reasons, there is a very good chance of the twin turbo V6 being at the front of the Super GT grid later this year.


How Unco... [unco-ordinated] Man crashes new Audi R8

Portugal: Man crashes brand new Audi R8, totally ruins the all black Audi supercar,
Audi say this was the "slowest car they've ever built" refering to the time it takes to build the Aluminum monocoque construction.
I say it was the fastest car to be released, bought and smashed. [correct me if im wrong]

apparently the driver couldn't contain control, [hence the term "unco"-ordinated] when the Audi proceeded to mount the curb, hit 2 mercedes, and flattened a no entry sign before it could be forklifted onto a flatbed tow truck.

How? and Why? did this happen...


Bugatti Veyron targa/convertible - Worlds fastest car goes topless

The 1,001 Horsepower supercar of the new millennium, capable of 400Kph, [248mph] -is planned to go roofless.
The Bugatti Veyron, Volkswagens pet project over the last decade, is set to be released with a Targa model for 2009.
With 16 cylinders, 4 turbos, and 10 radiators the Veyron had many airflow problems in development of the coupe version - in response to the Targa's lack of smooth and quantitive airflow over the roof, the Bugatti Veyron targa/cabrio/spyder/convertible will be delimited somwhere around 340kph or 350kph [217mph] to avoid the danger of either overheating or interrupted power at speed.
It is rumored that Bugatti [i.e. Volkswagen] will produce only 80 units of the Targa, to sell to posers who live no where near the Autobahn. also.. it is rumored that the Targa top is not able to be taken along with the car when it is topless. So, there could be a few saturated interiors in 2nd hand Bugattis for sale in years to come.

source: &

New Porsche Cayenne GTS - V8 sports car, in an S.U.V's body

The newest addition to the Stuttgart Soft roader range, comes in the form of the Cayenne GTS. Using the Cayenne "S" as the base, Porsche have added 20 horsepower to the GTS's 4.8 Direct Injection V8, through simple intake modifications, a wider throttle body, plus a higher performance exhaust set up to make the manual gearbox equipped, 4906-pound SUV go from 0-60mph [97kph] in 5.7 sec, on its way to a top speed of 157 mph [252kph] while making a great bellowing note from the tailpipes.

The new Porsche Cayenne GTS is the first Porsche off-roader, [or soft-roader] to combine steel springs with Porsche Active Suspension Management [PASM] this technology, until now, was reserved for the 911 and Boxster model range only.
However, this suspension set-up will not be available in the United States as it does not comply with "Light-Truck" regulations, so models sold in the U.S will be equipped with Air-Bag suspension as on other Porsche Cayenne models.
Sure an S.U.V. that was designed and made by a sports car company, still couldn't feel like a sports car, at 4906 pounds, and the "Wading Depth" included on the technical specifications, this car defies what is "supposed to be" it wants to be on the track, not just because it wont hold its own off the road. So, you cant take it on the track, and you cant take it off the road... but it does look nice and shiny, sitting on 21 inch Porsche wheels, with quad exhaust pipes, tinted windows, a perfect ride hight [for an S.U.V] and the body kit ripped straight from the Turbo Cayenne, the Porsche Cayenne GTS looks nice anywhere, sounds loud anywhere, and will get you, the kids, and all the luggage anywhere - in anytime.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Audi A4 - Gets 1, 2, 3 at debut DTM round

The first round of the 2008 DTM (German Touring Car League) at Hockenheim, saw Audi cross the line in 1st 2nd and 3rd places with the all-new B8 Audi A4, in DTM guise.
The all new A4 was engineered to improve aerodynamics through Computational Fluid Dynamics (whatever that is..) lowering centre of gravity for better cornering, faster, with less roll. Under the bonnet of the new A4 is a 4.0 Liter racing specialty engine capable of 460 horsepower.
Drivers of the trifecta Audi cars are:
1st - Mattias Ekström [11 career wins - most successful DTM driver of all time.]
2nd - Timo Scheider
3rd - Tom Kristensen

source: Audi Motorsport

Monday, April 14, 2008

Professional "U-turn" Competition a.k.a. "Flip-a-B!tch"

Drag Racing is ancient,
Circuit Racing is boring,
Drifting was last years fad,
The new craze is the art and sport of pulling a U-turn, or as it is newly coined: Flippin' a B!tch.