Sunday, April 27, 2008

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster

Mercedes-Benz have been making the SL class of sports cars since 1954 starting with the famous 300SL with its "Gullwing doors" the famous German car maker from Stuttgart has produced over 630,000 SL sports cars since the mid 50's, including the SL roadster, introduced in 1957.
The 2009 incarnation of the Mercedes-Benz Sl class is to be released in march with a reworked exterior and interior, aswell as minor changes to major components. The previous engine gearbox lineup is available with the new model, with the addition of an entry model SL180 producing 231 bhp from the V6. Next in the ladder is the SL350, with 316 bhp with improved fuel economy.

The SL500 with its V8 capable of 388 bhp is also available, and the next option up in the motor category is the SL600 with its twin-turbo producing 517 bhp, and a massive 1000nm of torque, which is distinguished from its lesser Sl's by the matte finished side vents, a trademark of the Mercedes-Benz SL class roadsters since the 1950's.
Other tweaks added for the new generation SL roadster is the re-engineered "Airscarf" neck heaters, which are now housed in the headrests. Also added is Mercedes Benz's "direct-steer" system, seen on the SLK consisting of a variable rack ratio, which will decrease steering wheel turns at speed, and decrease effot. As a luxury roadster, Mercedes have made the "Comand" multimedia system standard, to entertain drivers and passengers and deliver the level of luxury often associated with Mercedes-Benz.

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