Friday, May 2, 2008

Keating Supercars UK - GM V8 powered Bugatti Killer.

This month saw the release of a bespoke British engineered and produced range of supercar - The Keating TKR and SKR models.
Keating claim to produce a car which will beat the Bugattis top speed, and smash the 400km/h barrier.
Both the TKR and SKR are based upon the same chassis, consisting of a steel space-frame structure housing a V8 powertrain from General Motors Chevrolet mated to a Porsche 5 speed transaxle. The body can be optioned to be constructed from Carbon fiber or fiberglass. The 2-choices for motor are a 6.0 LS3 and 7.0liter GM V8, each witht he option of supercharging. Power ranges between 404hp to 656 hp for SKR model.

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