Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lamborghini Murciélago SV - Rear Wheel Drive.

Spy shots have been snapped of a Lamborghini Murciélago sporting a large fixed spoiler, instead of the automatic small one which comes off the production line - and it doesnt appear to be just a tacky aftermarket tuner wing, this car is thoguht to be the up and coming Rear Wheel Drive, high performace [can a lamborghini be any more high performance?] version of the Murciélago.

The "High Performance" SV is designed using the simplest supercar formula:

-Lower weight - lose approximatly 100kg over the 1660kg Murcielago. This is acheived through extensive use of carbon fibre and cutting parts out by switching to Rear Wheel Drive - removing the front axle and associated parts.

-Higher Horsepower, the SV is estimated at having more power than the Reventon which has 640, the SV will have somewhere in the vicinity of 680 BHP, all of those horses sent to the rear wheels opposed to the 4x4 system of production LP640.

As with previous Lamborghini SV incarnations, the death of the model usually follows not too long after the special edition is introduced - to leave the market on a high note - the same high note 680 horsepower will make going through the rear wheels of this beast.


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