Friday, April 11, 2008

One Lug Wheels - old race style, for new style cars.

Knock off wheels have been a thing of the past on street driven cars, until now.
Originally designed for racing purposes, a single lug nut in the centre of a wheel acheives much quicker tyre change times - but one new company One Lug Wheels have revived the system specifically for street cars.

These 3 peice rims are made in custom sizes from a selection of styles, even the bolts used in construction of the 3 peice wheel can be customised - gold, black or chrome bolts can be specified. They come with the companies one lug adapter, so they can fit on 4 or 5 lug cars to add that "race-spec-look".

One lug wheels would especially suit cars out of the ordinary such as SEMA show cars, high end imports such as the new Nissan GTR, the Old Toyota Supra, or any european supercar which deserves a race derived one lug set-up such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche.

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