Friday, April 18, 2008

BMW X6 - The car that makes you question.

Who told BMW that this car was needed? How could BMW put this thing in production in the face of an oil crisis, not to mention, they already have 2 separate models of S.U.V's - the tiny X3, the s.u.v. for people who actually wanted a hatchback, and the X5, the tried and true big-seller for BMW for years. The X3 and the X5 are excellent cars, "sheer driving pleasure" as BMW refers to the feeling, is what can be experienced by driving one of these machines of technologic triumph.

But why did BMW feel the need to tool up to make the new X6,
i cannot see any stereotype of person who could possibly say "the X6 is exactly what ive been looking for" and if there is someone who could say that, - they've already bought an X5 when the new model was released last year.
Maybe it was in retaliation to mercedes making a "coupe like" CLS a 4 door coupe, and BMW thought it was a good idea to cross the "coupe like" design with the X5.
maybe the designer just got halfway through designing the new 5 series, fell asleep and when he woke up, he designed the bottom half of the next X5 - just on the same sheet of paper.

The new X6 series is produced in BMW's spartanburg, South Carolina manufacturing facility - alongside the X5, and the Z4. The "Sports Activity Vehicle" [S.A.V.] as BMW likes to call their S.U.V's, comes with a range of 6 cylinder diesel, and petrol engines, with turbo charged power. But surely the kind of people buying the X6 would opt for the 4.8 with 408bhp, 600nm of torque and will take the latest addition to the BMW line up from 0-60mph [97kph] in 5.4 seconds. Theres no question that the car/suv/"sav" [bmw speak for s.u.v] will drive like nothing else, it will go, stop and turn like a seven series - thats just how BMW builds their cars, the question is - why - why build it in this form?


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