Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Porsche Cayenne GTS - V8 sports car, in an S.U.V's body

The newest addition to the Stuttgart Soft roader range, comes in the form of the Cayenne GTS. Using the Cayenne "S" as the base, Porsche have added 20 horsepower to the GTS's 4.8 Direct Injection V8, through simple intake modifications, a wider throttle body, plus a higher performance exhaust set up to make the manual gearbox equipped, 4906-pound SUV go from 0-60mph [97kph] in 5.7 sec, on its way to a top speed of 157 mph [252kph] while making a great bellowing note from the tailpipes.

The new Porsche Cayenne GTS is the first Porsche off-roader, [or soft-roader] to combine steel springs with Porsche Active Suspension Management [PASM] this technology, until now, was reserved for the 911 and Boxster model range only.
However, this suspension set-up will not be available in the United States as it does not comply with "Light-Truck" regulations, so models sold in the U.S will be equipped with Air-Bag suspension as on other Porsche Cayenne models.
Sure an S.U.V. that was designed and made by a sports car company, still couldn't feel like a sports car, at 4906 pounds, and the "Wading Depth" included on the technical specifications, this car defies what is "supposed to be" it wants to be on the track, not just because it wont hold its own off the road. So, you cant take it on the track, and you cant take it off the road... but it does look nice and shiny, sitting on 21 inch Porsche wheels, with quad exhaust pipes, tinted windows, a perfect ride hight [for an S.U.V] and the body kit ripped straight from the Turbo Cayenne, the Porsche Cayenne GTS looks nice anywhere, sounds loud anywhere, and will get you, the kids, and all the luggage anywhere - in anytime.

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